How do I sign up for a tour?

Due to the COVID-19, we haven’t yet committed to operating tours in 2021. Once we do, tour bookings can be made on our website with a sign-up form. If you would like to be notified when a tour opens for booking, please subscribe and let us know your preferences in the contact form.

How can I pay for my trip?

You can pay by bank / wire transfer or by PayPal. We do not accept credit cards directly so as to keep it more secure for all involved. Credit cards can be used via PayPal. Alternatively, we suggest a bank / wire transfer. Pending your choice, we will either forward a secure link from PayPal requesting the deposit, or our bank information.

How can I cancel my tour?

To cancel your tour you just have to send an email to your travel consultant requesting the cancellation.

Are there additional charges to use your service?

No. There is no additional cost for our services. The total price in our proposal will include our services.

What happens if I cancel my tour?

If you cancel 5 working days or more prior to your arrival date, your cancellation will be free of charge. If you cancel between 1 and 4 working days prior to your arrival date, the first two days of hotels and services will be charged. If you cancel on your arrival date or any date after the arrival date, the full amount will be charged.

If you do not show at hotels and service providers (noshow) the full amount will be chargedIf your tour includes services with different and stricter cancellation policies from the ones mentioned above, those different cancellation policies will be mentioned on your proposal and shall prevail over the general cancellation policy.

What is your cancellation policy?

The deposit is fully refundable for 30 days from the date it is received. You can cancel you tour free of charge 10 days prior the departure date. For detailed information, please contact us.

How will I receive a refund?

If possible, refunds will be issued against the original form of payment. If there is any update on our refunds form, we’ll let you know.

Are prices per person?

Yes: Prices are per person, in CAD dollars. The price of your tour is guaranteed the moment we receive your deposit.

What types of rooms are available?
  1. Private Single Rooms
  2. Rooms for Couples
  3. Twin Rooms
  4. Triple Rooms
When and how should I pay the rest of my tour balance?

The rest of your tour amount is due 30 days prior to departure.  

Can I transfer a reservation from one tour to another?

Yes. You can transfer to any other tour in the same calendar year up to 60 days prior to your original tour’s departure date, as long as your desired tours are available. Please contact us to arrange this. Any changes in price will be subjected to a separate invoice.

Captain Holiday Terms of Service

You cand find the Terms of Service here.

Packing Light and Travel Smart

Limited you bags, one is the best

Go beyond your temptation to bring the whole cabin with you, prepare yourself with a carry-on-size bag (Please check on your airlines website on requirement on their luggage’s weights and dimensions). You’ll walk with your luggage more than you expect. It’s a good idea to try to walk around with your luggage, you might have the second though of what should be left at home.

With your own luggage caried with you, it’s less likely to get lost, broken, or stolen. It also makes your flight transit and window shopping become simpler. Even when travelling in buses or taxis, you will be more comfortable with your versatile.
Packing light not only saves time and money, it make your travel life more environment friendly by saving the airplanes fuel.

Packing what you need

How to decide what are your essential needs? What should you put on a small backpack or suitcase? Ask yourself. How many times I will use this during the trip? Can I bring somethings that flexible and alternative with less space? What happen if I forget it? Will that be a big problem, or I can easily get substitute? For memorable photo shoots, bring along some accessories that go well with all of your outfits. Go for smaller sizes, you do not want to carry some big bottles the whole trip and bring them all around home. Get organized. List out all the things and eliminate until those fit your suitcase.


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